“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

Elliott Erwitt

Maternity & Motherhood

Pregnancy and motherhood have been such transformative journeys for me, opening doors in my heart and world I couldn’t have dreamt of. I revel in the nooks and crannies of precious moments with my children and do all I can to soak up every last fleeting drop.

Capturing these moments in time for mothers and moms to be is one of my greatest passions because I know how bittersweet they are. Each session is so unique to the individual and the sacred bond of their children and I am there to capture and celebrate it with you.

Every mother has a story worth capturing.

Lifestyle Newborn & Family

As a mother I know that some of the most precious moments are within the walls of your home, from the first night in their crib to those initial wobbly steps they take toward you on the hardwood floors that will soon be covered in tiny footprints.

This is exactly why I gravitate towards a more simple, organic approach when it comes to capturing your family’s most memorable keepsakes in the comfort of your home with my lifestyle newborn & family sessions.

My approach is simple and family focused, using the environment of your home for capturing memories. With a lifestyle newborn session the only concern you will need to tend to is your new bundle of joy. Let me worry about all of the other details and bring the camera to you. 

Branding & Content Curation

With over 7 years of experience in the social media space I have worked with numerous companies to help grow and build brand awareness through organic collaborations and content curation. Beyond that, my experience in front of the camera as a professional model & actress for more than 15 years has helped me develop a keen eye for what brands are looking for when it comes to producing engaging, relatable content. This skillset it also something that helps me to connect with those in front of the camera, setting them at ease.

If you have a brand or business that is in need of professional, relatable content to grow and build brand awareness, I’m your girl. I have worked with companies like; 1st Phorm, Green Chef, JC Penney, Kodiak Cakes, Hard Rock Resorts, Champion, Harbinger, Ollie Gray and countless more on a global scale to produce content that connects to their target audience.

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